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Our simple leading-edge technology for peripheral neuropathy has helped more than you know. Is this simple peripheral nerve stimulation procedure right for you?
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Our Eastbay Neuropath Neuropathy Center is designed to help patients with debilitating Peripheral Neuropathy. As a result, from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes and exposure to toxins. The most common cause being diabetes.

Neuropath Neuropathy Centers has identified the latest treatments and devices to improve the lives of Peripheral Neuropathy Patients.

We also specialize in an advanced treatment technology called Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. Click here to learn more about it.


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20+ Million Affected

Many are affected by peripheral neuropathy nearly estimated to touch 20 million people. An increase in awareness allows for more treatment to help our patients to find their best solutions.


Peripheral Neuropathy mostly affects the hands, arms, legs and feet, and can also be in other areas of the body. It is known to cause aches, numbness, tingling and shooting pain.

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Our Eastbay Center serves patients in the following cities: Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord, Avon, Martinez, Bay Point, Clayton, Danville, Alamo, San Ramon, more.

A New Path To Healing With

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Treatments in the Eastbay Area

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (P.N.S.) is advanced wireless technology to pulse a signal to your nerves, causing them to interrupt the pain signaling from your nerves to your brain.

This technology allows patients to take control of their personal pain, without the use of debilitating medications. There is no surgery required to use P.N.S. Just a simple procedure that allows patients to take control of peripheral neuropathy.

Are you a candidate? Are you in the Eastbay area?

neuropath neuropathy treatment centers P.N.S. peripheral nerve stimulation

How Does Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Work?

P.N.S. has three main components. There is the impulse generator, the ETx (Transmitter) and the wireless antenna. The ETx sends a wireless signal to the impulse generator that is placed adjacent to on of the main nerves causing pain.

On the impulse generator is a receiving chip that accepts the wireless signaling and translates the power into pulsating signals that are delivered to the affected nerve. Impulse generators are 7cm long and only 1.35mm in diameter.

It's A Simple Procedure

neuropath neuropathy treatment centers incission size no scalpelneuropath neuropathy treatment centers incission size no scalpel

Only Need
1 cm Incision

When we say “a procedure” we mean simple. While there are risks with any surgery or procedure, our small impulse generator is placed under the skin 2mm to 4mm away from the affected nerve. The area where a small 1 cm incision is made, is numbed by commonly used local numbing agents.

This is done to minimize the discomfort when making the small incision. After a few minutes, the impulse generator is placed inside of a guide and placed along the nerve. Most procedures will utilize a form of imaging to ensure proper placement.

neuropath neuropathy treatment centers lead leftoverneuropath neuropathy treatment centers lead leftover

Stitching Will
Be Minimal

Once the impulse generator is in place, we test to ensure proper connection and stimulation. Your transmitter has 3 main testing settings. You also have 24 personal settings.

You will only feel the power output during testing. It is a simple electrical impulse that is not painful. Once you feel this, we reduce the number down to still provide relief, but not feel the impulses.

We then place a couple of stitches and bandage the area.

neuropath neuropathy treatment centers wireless device
neuropath neuropathy treatment centers wireless device

Antenna Sleeve

When you go home, you will have two comfortable wraps to place the antenna and the controller inside. You will use the device for a period of 2 to 5 hours per day. With the wrap, you can continue your daily affairs and not be tied down due to debilitating medications.

The sports wrap provides you with the ability to walk or run, while still providing relief. You DO NOT need to wear the device ALL DAY. You are free to use at home or on the go. Only 2 to 5 hours per day. You can also skip some days if needed.

neuropath neuropathy treatment centers Our Trained Doctors

Trained & Certified

Our doctors have been trained in the use of this product and can demonstrate the procedure to you.

If you have any further questions, call 833-676-5626.

neuropath neuropathy treatment centers FDA approved

FDA-Cleared Technology

P.N.S. is a FDA Cleared Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Device that disrupts the pain signals going to your brain.

P.N.S. is cleared to treat most pain conditions that are associated with Peripheral Nerves such as Peripheral Neuropathy, Knee and Joint Pain, Lower Back Pain and other frustrating pain conditions.

Options For You In 2021


Relief With-out Medication

Advanced medical technology allows pain relief through a signal pulse to the nerves, interrupting pain signals to your brain.

No need for medications to debilitate your pain, this allows you to be in control.

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neuropath neuropathy treatment massage therapy

Other Treatments

Other treatment options can include:

  • Over-the-counter doctor prescribed medications
  • Alternative treatments to alleviate your pain
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neuropath neuropathy treatment medications over the counter

Current Medications

In peripheral neuropathy patients, it is common to experience various degrees of pain.

In order to identify the best type of pain medication we find one that works well with your body and complements other treatments.

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I had been taking 6 Gabapentin a day for the past 5 years to treat my neuropathy pain. I had pain in my feet, hands and my joints. P.N.S. changed everything! My pain has decreased.
Lenora E.
I started suffering with peripheral neuropathy about 5-6 years ago and it affected my toes and feet. The pain started out as a tingling sensation and pulling on my muscles. Now my pain is almost gone.
Rhetta E.
I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for 3 years. The pain was the worst at night making it difficult to fall asleep. Because of the pain from my neuropathy, I also had difficulty walking. P.N.S. makes it easy to treat and now I can be more active.
Brande C.